The most important feature of tilt and turn windows is the double mechanism. This means that the window can open in two different directions:

You can rotate the window horizontally. It will be fixed from below and it will open from above. This is the tilt position.
You can turn the window vertically. It will swing to one side and open to the other. This is the turn position.

Advantages of tilt-and-turn windows

In the horizontal or tilted position, you can ventilate your home. During the day, you will enjoy a healthy atmosphere by opening the window, without visible invitation for burglars.

In the vertical or turn position, you will be able to ventilate more in less time, but the most important advantage of this position is that you will be able to easily maintain the exterior of your windows.

Safety of tilt-and-turn windows

Thanks to the quality of our products, and therefore the excellent mechanism of our tilt and turn windows, your window will never come off the hinges again. Or the tilt-and-turn position. And always as solid and stable as when you bought it. With a 10-year warranty, you can rest easy with your new windows.