You can have complete confidence in our shutters, thanks to the quality management certification according to ISO 9001:2008 and the CE marking.
In addition, we guarantee optimal assembly by our experts, minimal maintenance and an exceptionally long service life for your shutters. The possibilities are unlimited in terms of design and color…

Swing shutters

You can have complete confidence in our aluminum shutters. Maintenance will be kept to a minimum, and you will enjoy exceptional longevity of your shutters. The possibilities are endless in terms of design and color, partly due to the spray painting process. If desired, we also offer a treatment to make your shutters resistant to salt water. The hundreds of possible combinations are all corrosion-resistant and considerably reduce the risk of burglary.

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Sliding shutters

Want to give your home a contemporary look? Choose sliding shutters. As with our shutters, we offer spray painting for an unlimited choice of colors and finishes. Their elegant design will enhance your façade. These shutters not only protect you from prying eyes and the sun, but also offer you significant space savings. Thanks to their water-repellent coating and their weather and temperature resistant trims, your shutters will have an unequalled life span.

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Roller shutters

For a new construction, it is best to integrate shutters in the specifications and provide the necessary space above the windows. In case of renovation, we can also offer you a custom-made solution that will increase your living comfort.

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You can have complete confidence in our shutters.

Low maintenance.

Exceptional longevity.