Pvc joinery has more than one appeal.

Plastic windows are made of polyvinyl chloride, PVC for short. The material is strong and easy to shape into profiles from classic to modern styles. In addition, PVC is fade resistant and requires very little maintenance.

PVC windows are very popular, as they have a long life span.

Our windows are 100% custom made. Thus, all architectural concepts and styles are possible.

PVC windows are particularly fire resistant. They are hardly inflammable and self-extinguishing. When in contact with fire, they do not promote, animate or propagate it.

The great thickness of their walls also gives them great stability.

The PVC profiles are composed of 5 chambers, which guarantee a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation and their 3 rubber gaskets ensure an insulation value of 1.3 W/m²K maximum.

Seals are provided at the three points where the window frame and sash meet:

  • The outer seal acting as a first buffer against cold, precipitation and dust
  • The central seal for perfect insulation against wind and water
  • The inner seal provides exceptional insulation against noise
  • A special seal insulates handles, locks and hinges from water and wind
  • We offer a wide range of PVC window colors. It is even possible to choose different colors for the interior and exterior.

You can also choose windows with a colored wood structure, or imitation wood.

Both options will give a natural look to your windows.

Different styles are available: Prestige, Luna, Retro, Pure.

Security is not neglected. Our windows are reinforced with steel reinforcements in the frames and casements as well as numerous locking points. A guarantee of resistance to burglary and stability.


With our PVC windows, enter the world of quality joinery.

Our windows are guaranteed for 10 years

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