A true work of art.

The pleasure of entering one’s home begins with the front door… The Belisol wooden door will always have its impression of strength and softness.

Brightly colored or natural wood stain, classic or modern profile, we will advise you in choosing a wood door model that will best suit your taste and type of home.

Wood is an excellent insulator, as it naturally interacts with humidity and heat.

Wooden doors are also equipped with an insulating core between the wood panels as standard.

Their rubber seals ensure a perfect seal.

Wood, a timeless material with modern insulation and security qualities thanks to its 3-point lock and 2 hook bolts.

Its locks and hinges mounted on a metal reinforcement

Its reinforcements in the corners

Various customizable styles, planks, molded panels, insertion of a stained glass window in the double glazing, etc…

Belimed offers custom work for its wood doors.

Offer a warm, unique, quality style to your home.

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With our Belisol Wood Doors, enter the world of quality joinery.

Our doors are guaranteed for 10 years

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