Vertical sectional garage doors

Composed of 3 to 5 rigid panels, sliding in side tracks, the sectional overhead garage door is a sensation, both in new construction and in renovation. Every component and mechanism has been thought to make this garage door the best in every detail, even on the inside.

  • Ultra silent for discreet operation.
  • Robust and elegant: even the interior frames are lacquered in the same colors as your door!
  • Customization: all RAL colors, textures, finishes, appliques, portholes.
  • Maximum security, everything has been thought of: anti-lift security for protection against break-ins, anti finger pinch protection, fall protection system
  • automatic obstacle detection to protect people and objects.
  • Very good performance in terms of thermal insulation.
  • Simple to install, it is also easy to adjust.
  • Integrated wicket door option: easy access to your garage without detracting from the aesthetics of your door. Thin profile and lacquered in the color of the door for a discreet and perfectly integrated wicket door.
  • Available in manual or motorized operation.

Horizontal sectional garage doors

Thanks to its lateral opening, the lateral sectional garage door is the ideal solution for atypical garages or garages where the ceiling is blocked by pipes or beams. With a very small footprint, this system does not have a side rail on the floor and frees up ceiling space. You can control the opening and closing of your door at will with a pedestrian passageway of the width you want, without a cumbersome threshold to cross.

Frees up ceiling space and allows for pedestrian opening.
Compatible with all our motorizations, it allows the door to open and close at will to the desired width, without a cumbersome threshold to cross or a gate to open.

Customization, for a made-to-measure sliding garage door:

  • Lacquering in all RAL colors, texture, finishes, appliques, portholes.
  • More robust: 5 mm extruded aluminum track for greater resistance and protection against corrosion
  • Quieter: thanks to the standard belt track
  • Good evacuation of debris or vegetation thanks to the installation of a guide rail on the ground along the opening.
  • Equipped with a brush for better sealing.
  • Maximum safety: anti-finger pinch protection, automatic obstacle detection.

With our garage doors, enter the world of quality joinery.

Our garage doors are guaranteed for 2 years

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