Total opening and panoramic view: no vertical profile between the leaves.

It protects your belongings from wind and rain.

This glazing also improves the phonic comfort of the balcony (17dB acoustic insulation with 8mm glazing). It brings you security with its 6 to 12 mm thick tempered glass, and sturdiness thanks to qualitative materials such as its ball bearings, its powder coating, its metal hinges

Clean the outside of the glass easily and safely thanks to the possibility of folding each leaf independently.

The new terrace slider

Made to measure, sliding, from 2 to 10 panels, it adapts to all terraces and roofs, in renovation (under existing pergola for example) or in new construction.

Transparency and maximum daylight on the total width of the product thanks to the absence of vertical aluminum profile between the sashes. The high aluminum frame remains very discreet and takes up less than 48.5 mm.

Protection: we have selected robust and solid materials such as tempered glass, thick aluminum, screwed and glued locking. All these elements ensure protection against nuisances (wind, rain, noise).

The discreet locking of the interior and exterior reinforces the security of the terrace. It acts as a thermal buffer on the covered terrace, similar to the full opening glazing. The terrace thus becomes a bioclimatic greenhouse for the house, providing or partially evacuating heat as needed.


With our deck closures, enter the world of quality carpentry.

Our terrace closures are guaranteed for 2 years

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