If you prefer the rural and traditional style, you can recreate the look of a stone window by choosing a transom. For this one, you will also have the choice between several shapes and finishes: a semi-circle or an oval, vertical, horizontal or diagonal lattices… Everything is provided in the Belisol range.

The crossbars can be applied in several ways.

In the glazing :

Here, the crossbars are located between the glass panels. Thinner profiles will equal an even nicer finish.

Moreover, this possibility is the easiest to maintain. Since the glass plate is not interrupted from the outside, you will only have to clean one instead of many small areas. For wood windows, this also means you’ll never have to repaint the braces.


On the glazing:

By choosing this option, the crossbars will be applied to the glass itself. This is better for the insulation, since the double or triple glazing will not be interrupted by the crossbars.

As the separations are located on the outside, the presence will be very authentic.


Between the glazing :

The crossbars, which divide the glass into several smaller surfaces, are the most authentic lattices of the past.

Indeed, this is how the idea took shape. The glass could only be made small, otherwise it would become too fragile and break. There was no other option than to use crossbars.

In other cases, stained glass was chosen.