Do you want to protect your property? Then Belimed can help you with burglar-proof windows and entry doors.

The anti-intrusion of your windows and doors

Belisol windows have optional keyed window handles. This means that you can lock your window handles, just like you do your doors.

Multi-point locking means that the window casement is locked with at least one strike plate per side of the profile. A burglar would not be very interested in breaking into all four points: it takes too much time and effort.

The strike plates Belisol supplies are mushroom head plates. Unlike the roller system, these have the advantage of better grip. This gives more grip and friction and makes them more difficult to remove.

The glazing of your windows can consist of security glass. Perhaps you are more familiar with how laminated glass works: the glass can be broken, but will not fall apart. A strong, rigid film makes breaking into the house very time consuming and is all the more reason not to even start.

Burglars also dare to attack angled assemblies. In older models, the assemblies can quickly give way and provide access to the house. Thanks to Belisol’s special window fastening method, these corner joints are solid places that are more than strong enough to resist.

Do you have a large bay window in the back of your house? Are you afraid they’ll want to get in that way? Belisol windows have special protections on the horizontal top rail. Thanks to this system, it is impossible to remove the sliding parts from their tracks!

The glazing beads that secure the glass in the profile are located on the inside of the window. A potential burglar cannot touch them and therefore cannot remove the glass from the profile.


Besides this long list of benefits, you can make sure that your doors and windows are locked every time. Don’t leave keys on the locks and don’t hide them under doormats or in flower pots. Burglars know these places very well.